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MaskARaid : Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does Maskaraid masks protect me?

Maskaraid is made according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended specifications. It is made with at least 3-layers – the inner layer is a hydrophilic material (cotton); the middle layer is PP spunbond non-woven interlining; the outer layer is hydrophobic polyester. In addition, our masks comes with loads of added protective and superior fitting features (see below).


Q: What are the differences between your product ranges?

We currently carry 2 product range: ESSENTIAL and ULTRA-X.


Q: What would be your recommended range?

Both our ESSENTIAL and ULTRA-X fulfills the WHO’s minimum recommended specifications for reusable fabric masks. For basic protection, our ESSENTIAL range comes with a great price and assorted colors and designs. For superior protection, our ULTRA-X is infused with Swiss-technology VIROBLOCK with rapid antiviral effect against SARS-CoV-2 (99.99%); including 99% BFE, 95% PFE.


Q: Do you have different masks sizes for adults and kids?

Yes, we do! We carry both Adults and Kids sizes (up to 9 years old for Kids) to ensure a good, comfortable fit for the entire family.


Q: Are fabric masks comfortable for kids for long durations?

Our Kids size fabric mask fit snugly over kid’s nose and mouth with adjustable features such as earloops with stopper and flexible nose bridge. 


Q: Can Maskaraid mask protect me from Coronavirus?

Our masks are made according to the WHO’s recommended specifications for reusable fabric masks to protect the user from airborne droplets, including the Coronavirus. For added protection, our new Ultra X mask outer layer has been treated with VIROBLOCK, a Swiss technology which is Anti-Viral and certified to achieve 99.99% reduction against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).


Q: What is BFE?

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency tests resistance of materials used to make PPE/ medical devices against bacteria penetration. Our product range Ultra X reinforced with middle layer Meltblown achieved 99% efficiency.


Q: What is PFE?

Particulate Filtration Efficiency tests resistance of materials used to make PPE/ medical devices against small particles that can/may carry virus or bacteria. Our product range Ultra X reinforced with middle layer Meltblown achieved 95% efficiency.


Q: What is hypoallergenic?

Our Ultra X masks is treated with Viroblock which provides self-sanitizing and germ resistant surface that are least likely to introduce any allergic reactions for users.


Q: Why would you recommend Double-Masking?

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah in a statement said double masking by wearing a fabric mask on top of the medical procedure surgical mask could provide more protection against the Covid-19 Delta variant infection. Adding a second mask can improve mask fit, filtration and effectively block aerosol particles. This is because it effectively doubles the layers of material that virus-containing respiratory droplets have to travel through before reaching a face or leaving a mouth.


Our ESSENTIAL 3-Ply range comes with a filter-pocket which users can insert a filter pad (sold separately) for added protection. Our ULTRA-X is a 4-Ply masks with the built-in 99% BFE 95% PFE layer that effectively offers a superior fit and filtration that double-masking achieves.


Product Purchase

Q: Where can I purchase Maskaraid fabric mask?





Q: How much is the shipping fees?

WEST MALAYSIA              : RM 8.00 (Below 50 pieces)

EAST MALAYSIA               : RM 28.00 (Below 50 pieces)

Purchase from to enjoy a RM8 cashback for purchases above RM30.

FREE SHIPPING VOUCHER available if you purchase from Shopee and Lazada!


Q: How long is the delivery lead time?

Normal purchase: We will ship within 24 hours once order received.

For corporate sales with customized logo, delivery will take 10-14 days from date of approved logo placement.


Q: Can I exchange or return my product?

Due to hygiene reasons, all sales are deemed final and products cannot be returned.


Q: Can I customise my masks for personal or corporate events?

Yes. Please contact Joanne 010-5550 9588.

Q:Is there a minimum order for customization?

For Fully customization MOQ 1000 pcs.

We can also direct heat logo on ready mask and the MOQ is 100 pcs.


Q:Do you sell filters separately? What is the quantity options for filter purchase?

We have 2 types of filter pad.

Disposable Meltblown filter pad with BFE 99% and PFE 95%. This have to dispose after each use.

Price: RM6/pack, 10pcs/pack.


Reusable Ionic+ filter pad with anti-microbial. This can reuse and wash up to 15 times.

Price: RM6/pack, 5pcs/pack.


Product Care

Q: How should I clean my fabric mask?

Handwash the fabric mask in soap or detergent after each use.


Q: How often should I change the filter?

Both Essential and Ultra X masks have filters sewn into the middle layer. Essential mask comes with the pocket so you can insert additional filter pad (after 15 times washes for extra protection). You should change the filter every day.


Q: Are fabric masks efficient?

World Health Organization (WHO) advises fabric mask with inner absorbent material such as cotton, middle filter layer such as non-woven spun bond polypropylene and outer layer a non-absorbent fabric such as polyester. Our masks are made according to the above specifications.


Q: Recommended duration of use for fabric masks?

We suggest to use the fabric mask max 8 hours. However, if your mask gets dirty, or wet then you should change to a new one


Q: Any recommendations to how to store a fabric mask?

Once fabric mask is completely clean and dry, if not using it right away, make sure it is stored safely in a plastic resealable bag to ensure it is not recontaminated by being placed at the bottom of the bag.


Q: Is your product locally made?

Our products are 100% produced in Malaysia. Our plant is ISO-13485 certified, a medical device industry quality management standard and located in Muar, Johor. 


Q: What kind of certification should the mask have?

Essential Mask is tested by Bureau Veritas Lab.

  • Anti-Bacterial (AATCC 100)
  • Water-repellent (AATCC 22)
  • pH Neutral (ISO 3071: 2013)
  • Formaldehyde-Free (ISO 14184-1 : 2011)
  • Azo Dye (EN 14362-1:2012)

Ultra X

  • VIROBLOCK treatment is applied according to ISO 18184:2019 & ISO 21702:2019 Anti-Viral testing standards.
  • VIROBLOCK is compliant with EU BPR and EU REACH, and registered with US TSCA and EPA. It also conforms to OEKO-TEX.


Q: Are there any local certifications or MOH guidelines for fabric masks?

According to the ministry's guidelines, fabric masks require a minimum of three layers, where the innermost layer is in contact with the wearer's face and outermost layer exposed to the environment.

AN INNERMOST layer of hydrophilic material, such as cotton or cotton blends;

A MIDDLE hydrophobic layer of synthetic non-woven material, such as polypropylene or a cotton layer that may enhance filtration or retain droplets.

AN OUTERMOST layer made of hydrophobic material, like polypropylene, polyester, or their blends, which can limit external contamination from penetrating to the wearer's nose and mouth.


Q: Do you have a helpline/ customer service contact?

Please contact Joanne 010-5550 9588 should you have any further inquiry.

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